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Our cleaning products will reduce the time you spend maintaining and cleaning your pool, reduce clean-up costs and the amount of chlorine used.

Who we are

The ALGON range of pool cleaners was developed by ALGON’S founder, Owen Hayward, a no-nonsense Kiwi entrepreneur. He was unable to get his pool clear with products available at the time (1980’s), so he made his own and the rest, as they say, is history!

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What we do

ALGON manufactures and supplies a range of high-performing Algaecides, water clarifiers and Phosphate Remover that are safe and easy to use for the effective treatment of your pool water.

The products are all manufactured in New Zealand and are designed to make your pool maintenance easy. There’s no mixing; simply add your ALGON product of choice to your pool and forget about it …Nature will look after the rest!

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ALGON products are only sold by our distributors.
We are always looking for new distributors to join “Team ALGON”. Get in touch to discover what we can do for your business when you stock ALGON products. Or if you have any questions get in touch and we will be happy to answer them.


Algon Recycling and Repurposing Programme

Our Algon Recycling and Repurposing programme encourages customers to return their used Algon bottles back to their retailer where we will collect and recycle them. Also, through our repurposing programme, we take a portion of the returned bottles and turn them into promotional scoops.



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"Pool Doctor is proud of its long association with Algon. Algon have become a trusted brand with products that work as promised. We are proud that Algon has invited us to partner with them in many environmental initiatives and in this respect see them as industry leaders."

Megan Cooksley, General Manager, Pool Doctor.

Pool Doctor

“Dealing with the team from Algon is always a delight. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to them directly about the issues we were having and discussing various ways of improving our water quality, certainly helped us. Over the last 6 months we have gone from green murky water to crystal near clear blue water. With their hands-on personal approach I knew I could rely on their expertise. Knowing that they produce their products in a sustainable way and aim for zero waste aligns with our values”

Peni Drodrolahi
GM Facilities & Health and Safety
Waka Pacific

Waka Pacific
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Become a Distributor

We are always looking for new distributors to join “Team ALGON”. Get in touch to discover what we can do for your business when you stock ALGON products.

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